43 horses surrendered to Culpeper Animal Control, Hope's Legacy takes in 7 of them.

Dozens of horses in varying stages of illness and starvation have been turned over to officials in Culpeper County.

Culpeper County Animal Control Services is investigating a complaint made regarding the care of horses at Eagle Hill Equine Rescue located about five miles south of Richardsville on the eastern fringes of the county near the Rapidan River and not far from Spotsylvania County.

As of Tuesday afternoon, more than 40 horses had been voluntarily surrendered, according to a news release from Culpeper County Attorney Bobbi Jo Alexis.

“Animal services is working diligently and tirelessly to place the animals with safe and reputable equine rescue entities,” the release stated.

Volunteer partners include Central Virginia Horse Rescue, Equine Rescue League, Hope’s Legacy Equine Rescue and Traveller’s Rescue Equine Elders Sanctuary.