Horses Available for Adoption

Noelle 1.18.19.jpg

Winnie - Temporarily Unavailable

Winnie is a 10 year old Thoroughbred mare who is currently in training. She is doing very well but is not suitable for a beginner at this point. Winnie is about 15.1 hands tall. We will update as Winnie's training continues. Currently she is walking, trotting and cantering under saddle.



Noelle was born on April 13, 2017. She currently stands about 14 hands tall. We have never had a horse who loves people as much as Noelle does. She thrives on attention and is just an absolute joy to be around. Her contract will state that she cannot be started under saddle until she is 3 years old (April 13, 2020).

Noelle’s adoption fee is $250


Mae is available for adoption! This sweet mare loves attention, hates the farrier and is ambivalent about blankets. She is available as a companion only due to some rotation caused by past founder. If you have room in your heart and your pasture for this lovely mare please contact us.

Mae’s adoption fee is $100

Fanfare 8.30.18 edit.jpg


Fanfare is a 17 hand, 6 year old Hanovarian gelding. He is not sound for riding due to a stifle injury which is degenerating. He is a big, handsome pasture companion.

Fanfare’s adoption fee is $100



Sun Gold and Star Bright

Sun Gold is a 7 year old, ~33” miniature horse mare.

Star Bright is a 3 year old, ~30” miniature horse mare.

Both Sun Gold and Star Bright are very fearful so we are working on making them more comfortable with people.

Bobby Earl 12.17.18.JPG

Bobby Earl

Bobby Earl is roughly 13 year old, he is a Thoroughbred gelding. Unfortunately he is somewhat neurological and cannot be ridden.

Thank you Carolyn Sandridge for your sponsorship of Bobby Earl!



Minx is a teenaged mare. We are unsure of breed. She came to Hope’s Legacy with the assistance of a good samaritan who had seen her living in a field of cows without adequate care for a number of years. She is a very sweet mare, but does have some pretty severe arthritis. We will be working to see if we can make her comfortable to at least have a future as a pasture companion.


Merry Belle

Merry Belle is a 10 year old, 32” tall miniature horse mare. She is very fearful, our wonderful foster, Jamie Hemp, is working with her to make her more comfortable around people.


Sugar & Spice

Sugar & Spice is a 6 year old, 33” tall miniature horse mare. She is still a little nervous about people, but is gaining confidence quickly and will be available for adoption very soon.

Dezi 6.1.19.jpg


Dezi is a Quarter Horse mare in her late teens. She recently came to Hope’s Legacy through an Animal Control seizure. While this sweet mare is in critical condition, we are hopeful that she will be abe to recover.

This photo was taken on Dezi’s arrival on May 31, 2019.

Dezi first outing 6-20-19.jpg

This second photo was taken on June 20, 2019.


These horses are our permanent residents. They are the horse who, due to health issues, age, etc. we feel are not suitable for adoption and need a nice peaceful retirement at Hope's Legacy. Please consider sponsoring one (or more!) of these wonderful horses. Monthly sponsorships start as low as $10 a month. Expenses for these horses usually run about $200 a month.



Van, a 35 year old Appendix Quarter horse gelding, was a beginner lesson horse for 25 years. After his retirement, the farm owner was planning to send him to auction. A family member stepped in and brought Van to us instead. Van has few teeth left and is unable to eat hay. He gets large amounts of soaked feed. This feisty guy is quite the character and a big favorite of everyone who meets him. Thank you to Paula Eager for your generous sponsorship and loving care of Van!

Monty 6.30.19 #1.jpg


Donkey is an elderly survivor of the Peaceable Farm case from October 2015. He will be living out his life as a mascot and ambassador for Hope's Legacy. This small, yet very opinionated charmer loves meeting new people. Dolly came to Hope's Legacy from the Virginia Donkey Rescue to be Donkey's companion. He likes horses, but they're just not the same as having his very own donkey friend who never leaves him. Please consider sponsoring Donkey and Dolly with a monthly donation.


 Monty is a 35 year old miniature donkey who came to us as an owner surrender from an owner who was no longer able to care for him. When Monty first arrived at Hope’s Legacy we were quickly able to find him an adoptive home. When he was returned a few months later due to the adopter getting divorced we decided that Monty should join our sanctuary herd as all of the shuffling around was pretty stressful for him.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to Monty on August 13, 2019.

Thank you Peggy and Diane for your sponsorship of Monty for the time he was with us.



Cindy is a 20+ year old Peaceable Farm survivor. Due to some behavioral issues she was not suitable for adoption, however she is thriving, living out her days with lots of green grass and her new friends Oz and Van.

Thank you to Parke Capshaw and Paula Eager for your loving sponsorship of Cindy!





We had to say goodbye to Gentleman on January 8, 2018. Gentleman was a Peaceable Farm survivor. He came to us on October 19,2015 as one of the seven critical red tag horses we took in from Peaceable. He had severe canker in his feet when he arrived and we were able to treat it and keep him comfortable for over two years. 

Dakota is a handsome Saddlebred cross who is blind in one eye. Dakota came to us thanks to a good samaritan who saw him starving in a field. Thank you Melody and Gregg for your loving sponsorship of Dakota!



Oz came to us as an owner surrender who was no longer able to care for him. He was adopted to a wonderful home but then sadly had to be returned to the rescue. Now he lives out his days with his friends Van and Cindy.

Thank you to Parke Capshaw and Tiverton Farm for your generous sponsorship of Oz!


Meet Amber Three. She came to Hope's Legacy from Orange County Animal Control in April of 2015. It is hard to see how thin she truly was when she arrived because of her thick winter coat, but she was very thin and completely covered in lice. Several good medicated baths, lots of food and even more love turned Amber into the princess she is today.


On Christmas of 2015 Amber found her people when she was adopted by the Thomas Family. They volunteer with Hope's Legacy and fell in love with her. Amber was their daughter Taylor's first horse, together they have galloped through fields, competed in the show ring and at hunter paces and spent countless hours just enjoying one another's company.