Permanent Residents

Van is a 35 year old Appendix Quarter horse gelding. Van was a beginner lesson horse for 25 years and after his retirement the farm owner was planning to send him to an auction. A family member of the farm owner stepped in and brought Van to us instead. Van has very few teeth left and is unable to eat hay. He gets large amounts of soaked feed. This feisty guy is quite the character and a big favorite of everyone who meets him.

Thank you to Parke Capshaw for your generous sponsorship of Van!

Donkey is an elderly survivor of the Peaceable Farm case from October of 2015. He will be living out his life as a mascot and ambassador for Hope's Legacy. This small, yet very opinionated charmer loves meeting new people. Please consider sponsoring Donkey with a monthly donation. Dolly came to Hope's Legacy from the Virginia Donkey Rescue to be Donkey's companion. He likes horses, but they are just not the same as having his very own donkey friend who never leaves him.

Cindy is a 20+ year old Peaceable Farm survivor. Due to some behavioral issues she is not suitable for adoption. She is living out her days with lots of green grass and her new friend Oz.

More videos can be found in Cindy's playlist here.

Arthur is a 30+ year old gelding with navicular. He was surrendered to Hope's Legacy by an owner who loved him dearly but was no longer able to care for him due to financial issues.

Gentleman is a 19 or 20 year old Peaceable Farm survivor. Change stresses him out quite a bit so we made the decision to let him spend the rest of his years hanging out at one of our foster homes. He has become best friends with Dakota and is loving getting to hang out and be a horse again.

Dakota is a handsome Saddlebred cross who is blind in one eye. He loves hanging out with his buddy Gentleman, they even share a stall! Dakota came to us thanks to a good samaritan who saw him starving in a field.

Ico is a Dutch Warmblood gelding with kissing spine. After a show jumping career he is now enjoying a well deserved retirement.

Oz came to us as an owner surrender from an owner who was no longer able to care for him due to health issues (hers). He was adopted to a wonderful home but then sadly had to be returned to the rescue.

Thank you to Parke Capshaw for your generous sponsorship of Oz!

These horses are our permanent residents. They are the horse who, due to health issues, age, etc. we feel are not suitable for adoption and need a nice peaceful retirement at Hope's Legacy.

Please consider sponsoring one (or more!) of these wonderful horses. Monthly sponsorships start as low as $10 a month. Expenses for these horses usually run about $200 a month.