August 17, 2014

We received a request from Amelia County Animal Control to take two mares who were repeatedly getting loose and causing damage at neighboring property. They had already had two different people come and try to load the mares with no luck. The first day we attempted to go pick them up we had to cancel because AC was unable to locate the mares. They set up a secure round pen, caught the mares and we tried again a few days later. After a brief time it was clear that we were not going to be able to catch the horses and load them that way. Instead our intrepid driver, Tori, backed the trailer up to the round pen. We one panel at a time made the round pen smaller until the mares had no where to go except for on the trailer. Once there were on it still took approximately 10 minutes to get halters on them. We were told that one mare was the daughter of the other but the owner kept changing his mind on which was which.

Once we got the mares back to our farm we were able to schedule the vet to come out. Both mares had severe hives and were a bit lethargic so we held off on vaccinations and ran some blood work to make sure there was nothing major going on. Both mares came back healthy. Thanks to their teeth our vet was able to determine that the chestnut mare, Belle is approximately 16 years old and is the mother of Dixie, the liver chestnut 7 year old.


Dixie and Belle waiting in the round pen August 17, 2014

August 15, 2014

Another tough day at Hope's Legacy. Tazar's melanoma began to grow very rapidly and the decision was made to say goodbye to him go before any of his systems began to fail.

August 5, 2014

Sad day here at Hope's Legacy. Our sweet Sadie's arthritis has reached the point where we can no longer keep her comfortable. At 3:45 this afternoon we fed her lots of apples and said goodbye.

July 19, 2014

BB was an owner surrender. Like Cowboy who arrived the day before, BB was greatly loved but his owner was unable to keep him due to financial reasons. This handsome guy is 17 years old. His owner had to make the decision between feeding him and trimming his feet.

July 18, 2014

Cowboy was an owner surrender. He was greatly loved but unfortunately his owner was unable to keep him due to financial reasons. This striking fellow is 12 years old.


February 5, 2013

We received a call from Albemarle County Animal Control asking if we could take in a stallion that was running loose in the White Hall area. We don't usually have the facility for a stallion but thanks to some lucky timing we had an isolated place for him for a few weeks. We named this charming pony Puck. Our first step after naming him was, of course, to have him gelded. Puck is a 5 year old Haflinger/Morgan cross pony, he stands approximately 13 hands tall. 

December 19, 2012

Just One Look, a 24 year old Thoroughbred gelding was surrendered to us for financial reasons. This handsome gentleman raced in his younger years and then trained through 1st level dressage.

November 30, 2012

We took in Sadie today. Sadie's owners were not able to get her to gain weight so they turned her over to us. They had been told she was 8, it turns out she is actually in her early 20s. She is a sweet girl with a huge appetite! She does have pretty bad arthritis in her shoulder so she is currently on a daily dose of bute to keep her comfortable.

Sadie on arrival

Just a month later you can see a big change in Sadie already!

Sadie getting her feet trimmed on January 3, 2013                                     Sadie enjoys supervising while her meals are being prepared!
You can see the weight gain in just over a month!

August 7, 2012

Our new arrival is Iconic. He is a 12 year old, 17 hand Dutch Warmblood gelding who until recently competed in Grand Prix show jumping. He ended up residing with us due to the terrible condition of his feet. It looks like it is going to take at least six months of pretty intensive hoof care to get him sound enough to be able to really have an idea about what he will be able to do in the future. He is a delightful guy who charms everyone who meets him.

Ico is settling in nicely and enjoying hanging out in his comfy padded Easyboots and making new friends. He is also enjoying getting dirty as you can see!

February 21, 2012

We took in 2 more horses today. These horses were an owner surrender due to the owner's medical issues.  Bacchus is a handsome 9 year old Tennessee Walker gelding and Tinker Tailor is a very cute yearling of unknown breeding.

October 28, 2011

The four horses arrived today. Amber Rose is a ~20 year old Arab mare, Taz is a lovely bay mare of unknown age or breeding, Sir Francis is a 7 year old Mustang/Appaloosa Gelding and Dare to Dream is a 4 year old Arab/Mustang/Appaloosa mare. Through a little investigation we were able to find Sir Francis' breeder and she came and picked him up on November 2, 2011. She was so excited to have him back and she will be working with him to get him under saddle.  The three remaining horses will be available for adoption soon. Taz is going to be a special needs case, she has some serious trust issues and is very difficult to catch. Amber Rose and Dream are both very sweet mares, Dream is only 14 hands or so and is going to make someone a lovely pony with some training.  Photos coming soon!

We will have four new horses arriving on Friday, October 28, 2011.  These horses are all owner surrenders due to the owner's financial situation.  Sadly we are getting more and more calls from people who are struggling to feed themselves, let alone their horses.  We cannot take all of the horses in so we are having to try to determine which are in the most critical need.  Since we cannot take them all in we do try to help owners place their horses when we can, to do this we do courtesy listings on our Available for Adoption page.  If you are looking for a horse please check our Available for Adoption page, every horse we adopt out opens up a space for us to be able to take in another horse. 

October 8, 2011

On October 8, 2011 we accepted two new
horses into Hope's Legacy.  They were an owner surrender due to health and financial issues.  Cheeky Lucy is a grey 4 year old Thoroughbred mare, she is approximately 16 hands and is not currently trained.  Lucy came with a bay gelding who we were told was Scot's Kingdiamond, a 6 year old Thoroughbred gelding.  However when the vet came out to check their teeth he discovered that the gelding, who we are calling Monty, is actually more like 9 or 10 years old.  So, we got the vet to try to read Monty's tattoo for us and we believe we now know who he actually is.  We are going to try to verify his identity with the Jockey Club before we say! 

August 13, 2011
Fun day with volunteers!

We had a great day with two volunteers who came out and helped groom the horses and treat Georgie Girl's hives. The horses loved all of the attention!

Hope's Taylor Creek enjoying the attention! He is turning into a very sweet and delightful young horse and he changes color every day it seems,
he looks like he is turning roan as he loses his baby coat.

Whisper also enjoyed the grooming from the girls.  It goes much faster with one person on each side!

August 3, 2011

Two new arrivals on August 3, 2011.  My Georgia Girl and Bonnie arrived at Hope's Legacy around 8:30 in the evening.  They are both 27 years old and come to us due to their owner losing her house to foreclosure. Their owner was devastated to have to give them up, but we assured her that we would take the best possible care of them and do our best to find a wonderful retirement home for them. A few days after arrival, Georgie Girl had an Otitis flareup in her ear and then the poor girl developed hives! They are settling in well though and certainly love their apples.

Some photos of Amber's Baby at 3 weeks old.

June 20, 2011 - Amber had her baby!

When Maya went to feed the horses at Sassafras farm Monday morning there was a now arrival waiting!  Sometime in the early morning hours of June 20th Amber gave birth to a happy and healthy colt.  He does have some malformation of his lower legs, but we are hopeful that he will grow out of that! 

Our latest addition we named Amber in honor of the woman who saved her life.  On Saturday, April 9, 2011 Maya received a phone call from Cindy at Central Virginia Horse Rescue asking if we had room to take in a very underweight, pregnant, Tennessee Walker mare with a snotty nose, who was at the Spring Valley Auction.  Maya said that yes, we could find the room and promptly called Amber T. who was at the auction to figure out the logistics.  Amber T. explained that the horse had not been taken off of the trailer so she had made some inquiries and discovered that the mare could not go through the auction as she did not have a coggins.  When the owner was asked what he would do with the mare if he was not able to sell her that day he said that he would just shoot her.  The owner also stated that she was 3 months pregnant.

Amber T. not only purchased Amber from the man but also paid to have someone trailer her the two hours to Afton and then upon arrival made a generous donation to help with Amber's vet bills.  This mare has a chance at a wonderful life now, thanks to Amber T.

Dr. Giunta came out on Monday April 11th and determined that Amber has pneumonia, has a body condition score of 2 1/2, and is actually more like 6 months pregnant, she was not able to get a very good view of the foal so there is some concern that with Amber's condition the foal is not alive.  Amber is being treating with Excede, a slow acting antibiotic.  We were not able to vaccinate her on the 11th as she was in such poor health.

Dr. Giunta came back out on Friday, April 15th and with a different ultrasound probe was better able to see the foal.  She was able to find a good strong heartbeat which was wonderful news.  Due to what she was able to see of the fetus (we did not think that Amber was going to appreciate having her belly shaved so she was not able to see the head which was too far forward) the current guess is 6 to 8 months pregnant.  Amber got another shot of Excede as well as the Pneumabort K vaccination today.  Dr. Giunta will be back out on Tuesday and hopefully we will be able to do a few more vaccinations then.

We were able to finish vaccinating Amber on Dr. Giunta's last visit, so now all that is left is to continue to work on her nutritional needs and get ready for her baby.

Below are two photos of Amber taken on April 28, 2011, just under 3 weeks after her arrival at Hope's Legacy.

arrived at Hope's Legacy on March 25, 2011.  She was an owner surrender (with Animal Control assistance).  She is very skinny and tied in a yard with only  moldy hay to eat. She was so excited to leave that she practically dragged Maya down the road to the trailer.  She has settled in nicely to her quarantine field and is now enjoying the green grass and open space.  Faith is believed to be 13 years old and has been adopted!   

Below are pictures of Faith taken on April 28, 2011, it is hard to get a photo of her because she wants to be right next to you at all times!

has had a rough life, she was rescued two years ago from the New Holland Auction and then adopted to a woman in Virginia who was not able to give her the care she needed.  Rather than have her taken by Animal Control her owner tried to find a new home for her, but after finding someone kind enough to allow her to keep Whisper in their field she just dropped her off and left.  Whisper arrived at Hope's Legacy on March 12, 2011 and has settled in nicely with Sassafras.  She is very shy and reserved but we are told that when she was in PA she did actually do some beginner lessons. 

Sassafras arrived at Hope's Legacy on November 28, 2010.  She was spotted on Craigslist by Central Virginia Horse Rescue and they coordinated her rescue and delivery to Hope's Legacy.  She came with the name Sassy but since she is being fostered at Sassafras Farm we changed her name.  She is a very sweet girl but very skinny.  The vet scored her as a 1 on the body condition scale, she just hides it under a lot of hair and a fat wormy belly (her worm count was very very high). 

Sassafras two months after her arrival

Sassafras on arrival at Hope's Legacy

arrived on July 31, 2010 after running loose in Beech Grove for several months.  She was very nervous around new people but is starting to get more comfortable with us.

Firefly came to us on July 5, 2010 after showing up in the middle of the night at MountainSide Petting Farm in Afton.  She did not have a name when she arrived but some of the Rodes Farm Stables Summer Camp kids came up with the name Firefly for her and it fit her perfectly.

Firefly has been adopted!  

Lucy (30 year old Belgian Mare) and Prince (27 year old Belgian Gelding) 
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